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Science Outreach

I have two core beliefs that guide the outreach initiatives I participate in and help to organize. First, I believe that scientists have an obligation to connect the community with their research. When science is clearly communicated to and connected with communities, this is when real and impactful change can occur. Second, I believe in equity of science education. I go through each day thinking about how I can help to break barriers so that science can be a career path that is accessible to everyone.

Outreach Initiatives

I have been fortunate enough to work with fantastic outreach organizations and initiatives around Montreal like 24 Hours of Science, Let's Talk Science, and Pint of Science. I started a dance party at L'amère à Boire brasserie to illustrate how we engage with music and with others while listening to music. I went into primary schools to educate young children about what it means to study the psychology of music. And I can't wait until my next opportunity to engage with and educate my community about all of the exciting things happening in psychology and science more broadly!

Science Outreach Organizations